Who we are

Together We Care is an innovative community service organisation focused on the unique needs of our mature Australians.

Together We Care provides a diverse range of community services across Australia.

Together our people and our systems help support our clients who live in our wonderful communities to live their best lives.

For more information about Together We Care services please call 0420 278 240 or email info@togetherwecare.com.au

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Our vision is to transform the way care is provided in Australia by offering a brand new, flexible and sustainable model where all parties flourish! We are passionate about our vision & commit to doing all we can to make it a reality.

Our values guide the way we conduct ourselves


We hold strong values

They guide how we interact with our clients, community and business partners and how we treat each other.


We live out our values, are honest and ethical in all our dealings and are accountable for our actions.


We believe that individuals and communities should be encouraged and supported to realise their full potential.


We value the individual. We recognise the rights and choices of our customers, employees and the community. We encourage teamwork and support diversity within the team.


We strive to identify and create value from partnerships and alliances with other organisations, agencies, businesses, communities and within our own organisation.


We strive for excellence and best practice in all that we do as individuals, teams and as an organisation.

Meet Jay Richters, Together We Care Founder

Jay Richters Founder

Founder, Jay Richters, has a burning desire to provide a brand new, flexible and sustainable model of care where all parties flourish.

Being an ex-cabin manager in the airlines, Jay has always had a passion for working with people. One day he had an explosive rupture of his ear drum while at work and his dream career was over.

He packed his bags and embarked on a journey down to South Australia where he completed not 1 but 3 trainings in the community aging and care sector all within 6 months and all while working full time.

He quickly shot up the ranks and became involved in high level case management and care coordination for a non- profit.

Tired of the South Australian weather he returned to Brisbane where he was quickly employed by the largest employer second to the State Government. While he had wins in that role, he became so disillusioned by the way the business was being run and the massive challenges the organisation faced due to its incredible size. Change did not occur fast enough, and he felt like he was stuck in a time warp.

After moving on he secured another management role for a new progressive and modern not for profit where he felt his skills would be of benefit and he could go out and make a real impact in his client lives. After just 9 months he grew the business from the ground up, in the Northside of Brisbane. He had 275 clients, 16 staff and running multiple different programs. He thought he had it made and was in line for career progression.

Then one day the State Manager of Care came into his office and asked his to forge visits in the system as they had not spent all the government funding and they were applying for more.

This broke Jay, and he decided after a few weeks of stress leave there was no way he could work for such dishonest people.

He walked out of his job and half the staff and clients followed him. They saw his passion and dedication to making a change and knew that he was going to create great things. This is how Together We Care was born.

Together We Care is all about creating win-wins for all those who work and receive care.

“You deserve better”

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